about us...

Many years have gone by since our family project: Rock Stone – Rock It, as it’s known, - came to life. It’s been almost 20 years since our first Doberman litter was born and they have never left our lives ever since. That was the beginning of Rock Stone Kennel founded by our family the Nuñez – Vasquez’s (Pedro, Isabel, Javier, Gonzalo and Felipe). Our whole familiy wanted to carry out this project with passion and responsibility; trying to accomplish the best selective breedings so as to improve its standards.

We’re very proud of what we have accomplished so far: we have a limited number of dogs in order to be able to handle and keep them in the best physical and psychological conditions within a suitable family environment which we certainly believe is the best for them.

Our passion led us to unplanned paths. To mention some examples, Isabel became President of the Chilean Kennel Club and Pedro, its General Secretary. Javier emigrated to Argentina where he handles show dogs and breeds on his own as well. It is there where Rock It Kennel was born as the result of his and his wife Silvia Tojo’s work. That’s how Rock Stone & Rock It Kennel was created.

When Javier moved to Argentina, he met Silvia who was then breeding two kinds of dogs: Great Danes under the kennel name of Gallagher Di Bronco with which she lead many rankings altogether with her partners Daniel and Susana Levinson, and Fox terriers (smooth) under the kennel name of Halos with which she not only lead the national ranking but also made champions for over 10 years. It’s worthwhile to mention that Silvia has been actively dedicated to professional breeding both as a handler and a specialized judge for Great Dane. From the union of both, Rock It was born.
Breeding in Chile as Rock Stone and in Argentina as Rock It this wonderful project has been going on keeping its main premise: having a family environment and responsible breeding.

We started with Dobermans, among which we have had many champions, leading rankings and having best in show winners both in Chile and Argentina. We have got great satisfaction from them along the years. We have added new blood to the breed by bringing new dogs from abroad and by raising our bitches abroad in order to do whatever is in our power to carry out a responsible and top quality breeding.
We brought in another breed to our kennel: the Miniature Pinscher which –as years have gone by- has brought us as much pride and satisfaction as our Dobermans.
This breed is spectacular!!!..... Such great dog inside such a litlle body… it’s quite necessary to often remind them that they are small and that they should be prudent. No matter what they have in front, they always go ahead. They are fearless of the task to be done; they just want to go for it!!!
Sometime ago,we were talking to an exhibitor friend and we commented that we would like to have a Miniature Pinscher. He offered to contact us with a breeder from abroad. But things happened in a different way… one day he called us because a breeder, a friend of his, wanted to sell all of her Pinscher. Without thinking it twice, we rushed to see what it was about. We arrived at her house and saw the Pinscher. Needless to say is that it was love at first sight… we took them all home without a second thought. It was seven of them!!!
It didn’t take us long to conquer their hearts and make them part of the family. It’s a wonderful breed, a “great” little breed. If we were to describe it in one word, we would choose “endurance”.
Upon checking our new family members’ pedigree, we found that the name of an American dog was constantly repeated: Tiro. We researched a little and we learned that a breeder had him in Chile. We located him and started business negotiations without luck… unfortunately … later on, a handler told us he owned Tiro and since he knew how much we loved the breed, he gave Tiro to us… That’s how we got the dog which until today has been our best reproductor. Tiro is no longer with us, he left us when he was 14 years old but his great spirit is still with us. We shall always remember him for his joy and readiness to play.
A little later, Brissa de Herni Caro, a bitch from Argentina came to join this gang. She gave us beautiful dogs. These nine Pinscher were the basis for our breeding. In addition, the contribution of a black and tan American Pinscher called Titán Lucas with whom we mated one of our bitches helped us in this new adventure with a breeding not quite known in our country.

Today, we have three world champions. Names such as Cash, Samantha, Jukka, Becky, Dank o Snoop are already familiar in dog shows…
But that’s not all, we have integrated agility to our scope of activities where Tess, Suky, Spam and Tamy are also well known.
In summary, up to know, we have got the ranking leadership in beauty dog shows in Chile and Argentina; and in agility we are in degree 2 with Tess and continue working to improve.
We have self-imposed demanding objectives because we want to make a difference and contribute to the breed. We continue working carefully by selecting our dogs not only by their structure but also by their temperament.

We can’t end this story without mentioning Isabel’s passion: the Chihuahuas with whom she has lead rankings and made multiple champions as years have gone by. Without any doubt, these little ones are a great challenge and we strongly believe that they will bring about as many satisfaction and rewards as we have with the Pinschers and Dobermans.